A medical college's dissecting room in a famous public university in Shanghai.

Project Examples

Purpose:By spraying the ELM CLEAN COAT to reduce the smell of formalin.

Location:Dissecting room NO.2 in the medical college in a famous public university in Shanghai.

Construction Organization:JONETSU TO TYPHOOOOON

Field Situation:Room area is about 70㎡, 4 walls(1.2m from the floor is no spray) and ceiling are about 117㎡ in total.

Effect Measurement

  • ・Before: Odor Intensity is 270(14 body bags with corpses are open)
  • ・After①: Odor Intensity is 153(1 hour after spray, body bags are closed)
  • ・After②: Odor Intensity is 158(Data sampling after spray ①, with body bags opened for 15 minutes)
  • ・After③: Odor Intensity is 154(Data sampling after spray ② 10 minutes)
  • ・Reference: The corridor outside the dissecting room: Odor Intensity is 88

※The data is the incomplete effective result as the ELM CLEAN COAT is not dry yet.

※The tester is [Supply portable odor detector Mini XP-329m] made by NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC CO., LTD.

※Both brush and roller brush are available.

Construction Situation 1

Construction Situation 2

Construction Situation 3

Construction Situation 4

Result: Before spray the mask is necessary, after spray we can breath without mask.


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News Releases


A CERTIFICATE OF PATENT as the antibacterial deodorant, antibacterial deodorant dispersion,antibacterial deodorant chemical fiber agent.


The Corporation CREATIVE YOKO first put on sale the antibacterial deodorant anti-mildew clothes.


2016.Feb.24-26, Exhibited in the 2nd International Medical Expo & Conference.


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