What is ELMPLUS?

「ELMPLUS」is a kind of natural complex functional material which mixed by the powder of Zeolite, Zinc Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, Iouseki Stones, Titanium and other natural ore.

It reacts with the some components in the air, adsorbs and decomposes the particles of the smell, and adsorbed to saturation will never happen.

At first, President UENO YOSHIFUMI was asked "Couldn't you remove the smell in the coffin?", After that, President UENO began to research and develop the 「ELMPLUS」. ELMPLUS is a registered Trademark of this Corporation.

Polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon could mix into the [ELMPLUS], It's also able to spay to the non-woven fabrics, mix with resin and paint.

February 2016 we also exhibited in the " MEDICAL JAPAN 2016 2nd International Medical Expo & Conference" which held in Osaka, we received "evaluation in nursing field."

We work together with CBC a trading company(Chuo-Ku, Tokyo), JATEC a former textile sales company(Kanazawa-City,Ishikawa-Pref.)to expand the sales market. This product not only in Japan, and is fully compliant overseas quality control authorities, is entering overseas markets.


In the antibacterial experiments, our product plays a significant effect against Trichophyton, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli.


By crushing and mixing dozens of natural minerals, the result is a more deodorization ability product has been successful developed than ever before.


ELMPLUS is a kind of ore which carring 10 kinds of natural ore with electron to continue the sustained force. Adsorb and decompose the 4 stink smell in our life in the semi-permanent cycle.

ELM Clean Coat

"Surface Treatment" by ELMPLUS.「ELMPLUS」is a kind of natural complex functional material of deodorizer.By crushing and mixing dozens of natural minerals, the result is a more deodorization ability product has been successful developed than ever before.

Deodorant yarn in the semi-permanent "ELMY"

Mix with polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon,we can make deodorant yarn.

Non-Woven Fabrics

Spay to the non-woven fabrics, and stick with double-sided tape on the back, then stick the non-woven fabric in the smell place to deodorize. Resize by lot is available.


Antibacterial and Deodorant Spay!
Before a date or appointment, after dinner, in the office, public or somewhere sensitive, before long meeting, even deodorize the pipe of the kitchen or toilet.

Mult Head Wear

Antibacterial and deodorant multi head wear!
Could be used going out and outdoor, both summer and winter. Could be used as handkerchief, headband, hat, scarf, mask, hair band etc.


Antibacterial and deodorant insole!
Amazing deodorization ability,Alleviating fatigue, high venting quality, smell-less, excellent touch!For men and women.


If you want to know more about ELMPLUS or have a question? You can contact our CEO directly!

News Releases


A CERTIFICATE OF PATENT as the antibacterial deodorant, antibacterial deodorant dispersion,antibacterial deodorant chemical fiber agent.


The Corporation CREATIVE YOKO first put on sale the antibacterial deodorant anti-mildew clothes.


2016.Feb.24-26, Exhibited in the 2nd International Medical Expo & Conference.


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